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Take five

Take five = being present + centred  When was the last time you took five, five w-h-o-l-e minutes just for yourself? And did nothing? Of course, when I say nothing I mean something but something just for you. Well tonight I did


Beginner Last week I tried my first Barre class (a combination of barre ballet, yoga and pilates). I had been wanting to try this class for a while and had continued to put it off, worried I wasn’t flexible or

2014 Resolutions I always love the start of a new year – I like the idea that a new year can bring a new beginning and outlook. For me, it’s a time to re-evaluate and set new goals (you know

I have been a collector of little inspirational books for as long as I can remember. When I loved myself enough by Kim McMillen is a collection of affirmations focused on self love. It reminds the reader to take the time to

The journey thus far… I don’t think I could let Mother’s Day pass without reflecting on being a mum, my mum and mums in general. The step into motherhood is nothing less than amazing and life changing. Instantly you are

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