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For a while I have been wanting to finish off our littlest boy’s room. The week before Christmas our little man got a ‘big boy’ bed but he still had the change table and other ‘baby’ stuff in his room. Sunday morning we sold the stroller and passed on the cot and the removal of these things put the day in motion for more de-cluttering and organising. By mid morning an idea was forming, our little man needed storage, so where does one turn to for affordable storage solutions {drum roll} Ikea, where else?

So with hubby on board and kids in tow we headed to Ikea. There is something about Ikea that is equally addictive and frightening – the maze like format, people everywhere, the mass production of furniture and products, things to look at and touch in every direction. As soon as I started picking up things, hubby’s eyes rolled, after all we had come for one thing (who was he kidding?). The kids were amazing and every time we heard a tantrum we were chuffed that this time it wasn’t our munchkins.

As we walked through the store I noticed how many beautiful, affordable and practical pieces there really are. Pieces that can be added to existing decor, for a season or just to accessorise. Personally, I love white and tend to opt for white furniture. I love the versatility of white, how you can personalise it by adding your own treasures and colour. I thought I would post some of my favourite pieces from yes, Ikea, all white – 16 in total (which now that I am writing is my hubby’s number – so maybe it’s also a tribute to him for his patience through this shopping trip xox).


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We brought no.13, laid it sideways and put our little man’s books inside the cubes and his lamp and treasures on top.

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