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Unfortunately, over the last two weeks we have all succumbed to catching the latest bug that has been going round (even our dog isn’t himself). The worst appears to be over but we have been left with a nasty chest cough. The only thing that has given me any relief has been a warm cup of tea, gentle and soothing. Which made me think how the traditional cuppa is renowned with comfort – catching up with friends, having a cuppa with your folks or someone making you a cup when you can’t get yourself out of bed.

My nan used to always make a pot of tea never just a cup (afterall she was English). When my brother and I were little she would mix it with warm milk and we would sip tea out of these tiny teacups (a bit like espresso cups). We had it often but it always seemed a treat. Tea time was always special and a cuppa still brings our family together. I have always liked pretty teapots, teacups, creamers and sugar pots and I think it’s because of these fond memories.  I use them for different purposes – teacups make great jewelery or stationery holders and creamers can be used as vases. Teapots though, when not entertaining are best displayed (there’s no putting my teapot in the cupboard!). Here are some of my picks…


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