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Take five / www.heidiandcoco.comTake five = being present + centred 

When was the last time you took five, five w-h-o-l-e minutes just for yourself? And did nothing? Of course, when I say nothing I mean something but something just for you. Well tonight I did just that, I took five and had a bath. I stopped what I was doing and declared I needed a bath, like right then. Did you know, I LOVE baths? I had forgotten too! We moved into our house four years ago and until tonight I had never taken a bath! Seems almost sacrilege now that I’m writing this. I have been in our bath with a sick child but well, that’s not quite the same. For some reason I had kept putting it off – thinking it would wake the kids up or that there was no time to run a bath let alone sit in it.

Those 5 minutes…before my littlest munchkin found me and thought it would be fun to sit at the end and put his legs in…were bliss (to be honest, it was even bliss when my munchkin found me, he thought it was funny to see mummy in his bath and chatted away freely to me). I was so relaxed and felt the tension leave my body. I also stopped thinking about all the things I had to do and was just in the moment. 

That is what taking five is about. Being present in the moment. Allowing your body and mind to centre, refresh, re-focus. Taking five isn’t about over indulgence, it’s about doing something small that is accessible to you. Such as;

  • taking a bath
  • enjoying a coffee or juice without being interrupted
  • taking a walk
  • stretching
  • meditating

Now it’s your turn. With the constant hustle and bustle of life, I encourage you to stop and take five today.

What will you do? Share in the comments below.

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