Fringe detail

My first ebay win was for a fringe leather shoulder bag. I saw it in a magazine and knew I just had to have it. Of course, the exact moment I was falling head over heels for said bag, it was being sold out everywhere. Instead of accepting that news, I literally stalked every stockists that held it, in the hope that someone had one left or one would be returned. In despair, I came across a listing for said, must have bag on ebay.

Excited and thrilled, I opened an account (yep, this is when ebay was still a novelty and I was a newbie) and put in a bid. For the next five days I watched the listing with enthusiasm, then disappointment when someone else bidded and outbid my own. An hour out of the auction closing, I couldn’t take it anymore and relinquished control to my hubby with my final bid offer. Of course, when I say relinquished, I mean stayed by his side, fretting and pacing. With seconds to spare hubby put in the final bid and I won. I was beyond excited (side note – this was the early days of ebay so it was quite a thrill) and waited patiently for my bag to arrive. It came in perfect condition and to this day I always get comments about it, the brand was William Phillips (unfortunately I can’t find any recent work). Since then anything with fringe on it, reminds me of that moment and my gorgeous bag.

This season, fringe has made a comeback, more subtle and discreet, delicately placed on your everyday garments like knits, tees, skirts. My favourite is the fringe details on sandals and ankle boots, a great way to dress up an outfit. When wearing fringe make sure you balance out the outfit with understated pieces, otherwise you can start looking too busy. For instance, if you are wearing a fringe skirt, add a basic tee and plain boots or slides. Saying that, fringe is definitely a trend you should have fun with. It will come and go but if you take care of it (like my bag) it will always give you great memories.

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