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I always love the start of a new year – I like the idea that a new year can bring a new beginning and outlook. For me, it’s a time to re-evaluate and set new goals (you know the one’s you plan to stick to). To be honest 2013 was a tricky year for me, I started the year wanting to learn new things (check out last year’s post here) and to find a creative outlet – Birdcage Press was born and then this blog. This blog fuelled something inside me that I was looking for, one I didn’t expect but a purpose I now relish.

Unfortunately, the second half of 2013 was filled with more tragedy that triumphs. A reminder that life is so precious and how important it is to do something everyday that makes you happy. Throughout all the highs and lows of 2013, I have had a wonderful support network (my hubby, my munchkins, my parents, friends, my bff – you know who you are, my girlfriend from work – who made things bearable in an unbearable time), I am so thankful and grateful that I have these amazing people in my life! Love you all!

So what does 2014 have in store? Anything is possible! My resolutions are above, share your’s in the comments below.

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