The renovation bug

The renovation bug

The only thing I have caught this winter is the renovation bug. Friends of ours are renovating and seeing their new beautiful space come together has motivated me to give hubby a little tap (ie. shove) and do some renovating of our own. We moved into our place 4 years ago, only one week before our second munchkin arrived and got straight to making it ours by painting the bedrooms, hallway and living room, replacing the carpets in the bedrooms, having a deck built and furnishing the main spaces (phew right, all that with a 17 month old and a newborn!).

Since then we have reorganised the garage (semi-exciting mainly because lets face it, I get a kick out of any form of order and organisation) but not much else. Although we would love to renovate our kitchen (we inherited a blue kitchen with odd knobby handles and appliances that half work), I think that just a few things aesthetically would definitely spruce up the space. So what’s on the agenda, I hear you say? Well, the main focus will be on painting the dining and kitchen areas and adding/replacing a few pieces to tie in with the purchases we made when we first moved in. Here are my mood boards!

Want some more inspirations? Check out below the home decor sites I’ve been perusing…

Relax House
The Banyan Tree
Curious Grace
Life Interiors
Zohi Interiors
West Elm
The Minimalist
Temple & Webster
Hard to find

Know of any other great home decor sites? Share in the comments below.

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