Pineapple platter

pineapple-platterHow to jazz up a pineapple

There is something special about Summer fruit, watermelon, mangoes, berries, grapes, pineapples… Refreshing, natural, juicy and sweet. These seasonal fruits make a perfect snack in the Summer heat, easily shared and enjoyed by all. 

This quick and easy recipe transforms a traditional pineapple into bite sized pieces that will be devoured by the whole family. It uses the whole pineapple and makes a great dish to take to a BBQ or casual gathering. The best part it always looks more elaborate and impressive than what it is. So go ahead and jazz up a pineapple today!


Pineapple platter
  1. 1 Pineapple (with leaves intact)
  2. 3 packets of jelly crystals in assorted colours
  3. Approx. 30 toothpicks
  1. 1. Cut the pineapple in half vertically.
  2. 2. Hollow out the flesh of each half of the pineapple (I find a grapefruit knife is the easiest tool to use for this).
  3. 3. Cut each half equally into three vertical pieces. Cut the middle piece vertically in half again (this removes the flesh from the core). Place the core (the hardest piece) back into the centre of the pineapple.
  4. 4. With the remaining lengths, cut into equal size pieces (I find 4 cuts on each length tends to work best). Do not mix up the pieces, keep them in there line. Gently place each length back in the spot you removed it from.
  5. 5. Place a toothpick in each piece.
  6. 6. Sprinkle a generous amount of jelly crystals on each length, alternating colours.
  1. + Choose a pineapple that is not overripe.
  2. + Great to serve at BBQs or kids parties.
  3. + Mix up the colours for special events i.e. yellow + green for Australia Day, red + green for Christmas.
Heidi + Coco

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