New year, new possibilities

New year, new possibilities /

 Anything is possible

This time last year I made a resolution to find something that I loved doing creatively. I had been feeling a bit lost and a niggling feeling that I was not doing anything artistically had been growing within me. At around the same time, I came across a learn2screenprint brochure that I had picked up from one of my favourite markets (Flemington Racecourse, Victoria), I googled it, enquired and thought why not?

To say I loved this one day course was an understatement, I came home instantly giddy, amazed at what I had accomplished, eager to tell my hubby everything. This one day course was infectious and had ignited within me exactly what I was looking for. What is now Heidi and Coco started that day.

Ten years ago I was talking to a colleague, who had always wanted to take French classes. The next day I left a brochure on his desk of a local institute that was running French classes. When he left the company he thanked me for leaving that brochure on his desk as he never would have enrolled otherwise. I thought even then, how happy and proud he seemed that he had tried something new, something he had always wanted to do.

With 2013 already in full swing, why not try something you have always wanted to do? The best thing about short courses are that they are short. Nowadays, you can literally try anything before committing completely. I have always thought that all knowledge is worthwhile, that it can never be wasted, why not broaden yours? You never know where it will take you…

Courses/classes on my wish list to try:

  • Jewellery making
  • Contemporary illustrations
  • Digital SLR photography
  • Photoshop
  • Graphic design
  • Interior design
  • Cupcake decorating
  • Pasta making
  • Personal training
  • Bikram yoga classes
  • French classes
  • Spanish classes
  • Dance classes

What course have you been wanting to try? Share in the comments below>>

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