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It seems as quickly as I pressed published on last months musings, September is already coming to an end. Where does all the time go? The days are getting warmer and lighter and soon Melbournians will be rejoicing when Daylight Savings kicks in (first weekend of October lovelies). It’s amazing how much more you can get done when there is natural light in the evenings!

This season is one of my favourites, as it is a time we get to show our camaraderie and celebrate things like Spring racing and footy finals. Which of course means get together’s, events, styling and dressing up. All of my favourite things.  

My current obsessions are white on white, khaki, lace detail and chambray shirts and dresses. White is perfect for Spring and injects a crisp, freshness into your wardrobe, a nice change from the Winter blacks and greys. I would opt for a white tuxedo jacket that you can wear with all your key Spring pieces, like jeans, skirts and maxi dresses. As far as accessories go, lace up heels are on my ‘must have’ list this season (I found a steel pair at Kmart for only $25, which you can check out here), as well as a compact bag (who wants to lug so much around now that you are out and about more) and a chic sun hat. 

Now is also the time to edit your makeup and beauty routine by adding a few new pieces to your makeup bag like SPF moisturiser, bronzer, shimmering eyeshadow and coloured eyeliners (if you are daring enough). It is also the time to get your body glowing for Summer, think exfoliates, body scrubs and masks, self tanning products and the all important hair removal management!    

With only three months until Christmas, I have committed to move my body more (30 mins every day), drink at least 2 litres of water a day and make smarter food choices, including smaller serving sizes. Finding my perfect body weight has been a constant struggle and I’ve been prone to extreme diet fads or regimes, resulting in yo-yo results. As I grow older (hopefully wiser), I’m opting for better lifestyle choice that I can maintain.

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