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As I get older, I’ve started to notice the lines on my face are changing. The fine lines are multiplying and deepening and there are areas of unevenness and redness. Eeek! Put it down to ageing or stress or just plain tiredness, the reality is I’m in need of some ‘miracle’ cream.

Enter Philosophy Miracle Skin Care, a range that promises just that, a miracle. There is so much to love about the Philosophy Skin Care range. Their gorgeous packaging also springs to mind, with each product having its own philosophy or mantra. Such as the Miraculous anti-aging moisturizer’s philosophy: to witness a miracle is to know yourself. vital, brilliant, heavenly in body and spirit or the Miraculous anti-aging retinoid eye repair philosophy: your eyes are the windows to your sole, not your age. 

There are products for all ages, like Hope in a jar (moisturiser for all skin types), Purity made simple (Cleanser) and Amazing grace (firming bold emulsion), to name just a few. Most importantly the products works, my fine lines appears smoother and well the unevenness less uneven! The products are easy to use, light on your skin and not too fragrant. The whole routine  has only added 30 seconds to my daily routine. I guess you could call that a miracle!


1 | Miracle worker anti-aging moisturizer
2 | Miracle worker anti-aging retinoid eye repair
3 | Miracle worker anti-aging retinoid pads

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