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Indoor planters / www.heidiandcoco.comThere is no better time to add some greenery to your home decor with a wide selection of indoor planters in modern shapes, colours and textures. Whether you choose to decorate a sparse corner with a large pot or a hanging planter or add a small table planter to an empty nook, desk or window sill, indoor planters help give character and life to a space (literally).

Personally I’m loving the beautiful and interesting shapes in the hanging ceramic planters below, as well as the use of concrete as indoor planters. 

Terrariums have also made a comeback in a range of unique shapes and sizes and make a beautiful centrepiece on a dining or coffee table. Small planters are perfect to house succulents but along with wall planters can make great inside herb gardens.

When choosing plants remember to choose plants that are hardy and do not need too much maintenance, that do good in lower level of light, are size appropriate for the planter, have appropriate drainage and require little watering and pruning such as pathos plants, jade plants, areca palms, ficus trees, snake plants, succulents, herbs or even plants that flower like orchids or peace lilies.




Image source Hunting for George  

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