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At some point in time we have all been envious of somebody else’s beautiful locks. I have longed for silky luscious hair that falls half way down one’s back for quite some time now. You know the hair that looks effortlessly groomed and therefore effortlessly chic, tossled and disheveled in all the right ways. I haven’t had long hair since before children, every time my hair grows I tend to get annoyed with it and punish it by taking the scissors to it. However, this year I have been determined to grow it and look after it (being a faux blonde, my hair needs extra nourishment to avoid breakage and split ends). Although I still have a way to go for it to be halfway down my back, it is growing and appearing more luscious everyday. Here are the products I use to help grow and care for my hair.

I buy shampoo and conditioner (1) that I can get from the supermarket, as we tend to go through a lot and therefore like it to be affordable and accessible. I mix it between TRESemmé (as seen below) and Organic Care, both available at Coles. I personally think the quality and value for money is impressive. I take a daily vitamin (2) to encourage and maintain hair and nail strength (however being a nail bitter, the nail growth is so much harder than growing my hair!). Once or twice a week after shampooing I will use a deep conditioner (3) or hair treatment. I just pop it on in the shower and complete all my other tasks (ie. face washing, body exfoliating, shaving) before washing it out. If you have the time you can put your conditioner or treatment in, wrap your hair in cling wrap and leave for 10 minutes before washing it out for a deeper conditioning.

As soon as I’m out of the shower, I use a conditioner spray (8) and a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair (this conditioner spray is also great to take to the beach or pool). I then use a small amount of repair cream (3) on the ends of my hair, to help repair split ends and to protect it a bit from the heat of the hair dryer. When it comes to styling, I always start with blow drying (9) my hair straight. I use  a large clip (10) to separate my hair and a medium to large round brush (7) to dry each section. Once dry, if I am after a bit of texture, I will use the hair straightener (11) to add a few random loose curls (aka the effortless chic look I was after). Lastly, I always finish any style with the sealing serum (6) and the anti humidity spray (5). I only use a small amount of each product to smooth out ends and fly aways, as I want my hair to have movement and look healthy.

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1 | Shampoo and Conditioner, TRESemmé 
2 | Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails, Swisse
3 | Restore Targeted Repair Cream, Living Proof
4 | Deep Conditioner, TRESemmé
5 | Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal, KMS California
6 | Rejuven8, De Lorenzo
7 | Ceramic Round Brush, Nin9ty Nin9
8 | BC Bonacure Hairtherapy, Schwarzkopf
9 | Hair Straightener, GHD
10| Hair Clip
11| Hair Dryer, GHD

Any other products you use and swear by? Share in the comments below.

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