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New year, new you right? Feeling sluggish, want your skin to glow or in need of some pampering? What better way to get your body functioning properly and glowing from the inside out than with these fabulous flat pack beauty products. Whether you are after a detox, a body scrub, face mask or hair treatment H+C has you sorted (also if you are after some extra inspiration, I recommend you check out these business’ instagram feeds!).

Teatox / Coffee Detox

flat-pack-beauty-1 / www.heidiandcoco.com1| Coffee Not Coffee 30 Detox Green Coffee 2| Skinny Me Tea 14 Day Teatox 3| Bayla Tea Itty Bitty Teatox 

4| The Alice Tea Co 7 Day Teatox Signature Slim Blend 5| Bondi Body Tea Teatox

Body / Face / Hair

flat-pack-beauty 2 / www.heidiandcoco.com6| Jar Body Scrub 7| Frank Coffee Scrub 8| SummerLove Body Scrub

9| Buddy Scrub Raw Cocao Body Scrub 10| Babe Scrub Green Tea Body Scrub

flat-pack-beauty-311| Dirtea Chai + Coconut Oil Body Scrub 12| Bloke Body Vanilla Chai + Sugar Body Scrub 

13| Jar Body Facial Clay Masque 14| Holly’s Natural Coconut Crush Body Scrub 

15| Hello Hair Hydrating Mask

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