Eyebrows are back / www.heidiandcoco.comEyebrows have made a comeback!

Last year it was all about eyelashes, this year the focus is on full, defined eyebrows. To get this look, eyebrow gel is the go to product of the season. I tested Napoleon Browtox Pack  (1) brush and eyebrow gel and was thrilled with the end result. My brows are subtly deepened and defined.

Team defined brows with a neutral make-up palette for Spring/Summer. For everyday keep everything else minimal, think mineral foundation, bronzer and nude lipstick. This Napoleon Mattetastic Liptick (2) is creamy and hydrating. I love the subtle colour (shade Sophia) and coverage. It’s a lovely change from my normal brighter shades of lipstick.  

Eyebrow gel + nude lipstick / www.heidiandcoco.com

For gorgeous defined and full eyebrows follow these tips.

Tips for use:

+ frame your brows with the brush 

+ add a small amount of gel to the applicator and apply a line to brow

+ comb through with brush

+ add more gel if need be and repeat comb through

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