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There is nothing like a long weekend (Labour Day for fellow Melbournians) to make you want to abandon your daily routine and wrap yourself under the covers with a great read. Public holidays are all about rest, right? It also helps that I currently have some fabulous books on my bedside table waiting to be opened. Now all I need is a cup of tea, hubbieeeeee…….

//ONE Yes Please by Amy Poehler 

Yes Please is an easy to read collection of stories, thoughts, ideas and wisdom from acclaimed comedian, actress and writer Amy Poehler (best known for Saturday Night Live and Parks and Rec). Amy has a way of relating to women on serious topics like motherhood, business and marriage in an honest and hilarious fashion. First to admit her faults and provide practical advice and tips, this book is for all women muddling through life, having a go and a laugh along the way.

//TWO Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod

An inspiring tale of one creative who questioned what it would take for her to leave her corporate job in order to fulfil her dream and take two years off to travel. Paris Letters takes you through Janice’s journey from cutting back, saving, travelling, finding love and realising her creative and artistic dream in Paris. This book is a testament that anything is possible if you are determined to action those dreams. 

//THREE Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes

If you are after an all in one beauty bible this is the book for you. Sali Hughes heralded as an expect in all things beauty, shares valuable, simple and practical advice in her first book Pretty Honest. Always a straight talker and with no beauty topic off-limits, Pretty Honest is fun, charming, helpful and useful, the kind of best friend every girl needs. 

//FOUR Life and Love by Lisa Messenger

Following the success of Daring and Disruptive, Lisa Messenger has followed it up with the newly released memoir Life and Love. Life and Love is a delightful insight into Lisa’s personal journey on finding love, joy, happiness and community. Lisa speaks honestly and authentically, instilling a belief that you can be yourself and have it all. Less business and more personal than Daring and Disruptive, Life and Love focuses on the life and values behind the successful entrepreneur. A must read for all those following Lisa’s amazing journey.

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