Conversations with creative women

Conversations with creative women

I love receiving packages in the mail (who doesn’t), it makes my heart skip a beat with excitement. The arrival of this little package yesterday however made me squeal! I had ordered this book months ago and when it arrived in its gorgeous fabric (designed by Emily Green and printed by Frankie & Swiss) wrapped package it was definitely worth the wait and anticipation.

Conversations with creative women (volume two) by Tess McCabe shares the stories, paths and successes of 16 creative Australian women. This little gem is packed with gorgeous illustrations and essential information and advice on how to live your own creative dream. In other words, loads of inspiration. The exclusive interviews includes Stylist, Megan Morton; interior designer, Anna Spiro; Ceramist, Shelly Simpson of Mud Australia; Book designer and illustrator, Michelle Mackintosh and film + television director, Shirley Barrett to name only a few.

Tess McCabe also the founder of Creative Women’s Circle, a networking community in Australia for women involved in creative industries. Tess runs regular workshops for creatives to share information, inspiration, ideas and to meet guest speakers in creative fields. I think the work Tess does to bring creative women together is amazing and inspirational in its own right. By the time you read this, it will be morning for me and I will have already curled up and had a conversation with a creative women!

Who would you like to have a conversation with? Share in the comments below>> 

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