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Drink alcohol in moderation When was the last time you did an alcohol audit? Drinking socially and more frequently has become the norm but what are the real effects of alcohol on your body. Drinking too much alcohol at the

Breathe deeply When we breathe, air comes in and out of our lungs and helps us to convert food into energy in our cells, eliminating carbon dioxide in the process. With each breath energy flows through our bodies. When was the

Prepare healthy meals and snacks at home Tempted by that morning coffee and muffin deal or afternoon chocolate run? Opt for healthy snacks prepared at home. Get into the habit of preparing your own meals and/or snacks and taking them

Just smile Ever been around someone who is infectiously happy? No doubt that person is smiling! Smiling people are contagious, people are naturally drawn to them and their happiness. Smiling is an instant mood changer and has multiple health benefits. When you feel

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