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There is nothing like a long weekend (Labour Day for fellow Melbournians) to make you want to abandon your daily routine and wrap yourself under the covers with a great read. Public holidays are all about rest, right? It also helps

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved books. Over the years, my love affair with books (and magazines) hasn’t wavered. I’m often found completely engaged in the written word. Reading to me, is something beautiful, insightful, powerful, a privledge that shouldn’t be

Whenever I feel a bit flat creatively and in need of some inspiration, I find myself in the bookshop. There is something soothing about a bookshop, its tranquil and filled to the brim with talent and creation. I like going up


It has been a while since my last bookshelf post and this one is a beauty, literally! I was perusing the aisle of my favourite bookstore when I saw Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring right there,

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