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I’ve been busy lately, planning two parties, both of equal excitement, the first a hollywood glamour/art deco themed party for our friends (I originally got the idea when writing the post Glam Gowns) and the second, my littlest munchkin’s 3rd birthday

Raw timber

When I came across the hive modular furniture (no. 6), I was totally inspired. I can visualise these in bars, hotel foyers + restaurants. Beautifully handcrafted and so multi-functional – can be seating, a table or side table.I would just

Tea time

Unfortunately, over the last two weeks we have all succumbed to catching the latest bug that has been going round (even our dog isn’t himself). The worst appears to be over but we have been left with a nasty chest

I have to admit, lately I have gone a little ‘crazy’ for everything copper. Metals in hues of bronze, copper and gold is subtlely adorning homes this season. I love the warmth and lustre these pieces bring to a space.

Black + white decor speak to my inner goddess and I would love to adorn a room with these opaque finds. These high gloss black + white pieces add a feeling of luxury and opulence to any space. To pull off

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