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Indoor planters

There is no better time to add some greenery to your home decor with a wide selection of indoor planters in modern shapes, colours and textures. Whether you choose to decorate a sparse corner with a large pot or a hanging planter or

Outdoor dining

5 tips for outdoor entertaining  I’m kickstarting 2015 with one of my favourite past-times, entertaining! Warm weather and long days spent outside, crave relaxed evenings of outdoor entertaining. Create an inviting, comfortable and chilled atmosphere with my 5 tips to dining outside… //ONE

Christmas styling

Christmas officially begins for me when the decorations go up in the city of Melbourne. I always get a buzz seeing the 15 foot trees filled with shiny baubles and decorations hanging from the ceilings. Every shop front decorated. This

The renovation bug The only thing I have caught this winter is the renovation bug. Friends of ours are renovating and seeing their new beautiful space come together has motivated me to give hubby a little tap (ie. shove) and do

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