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Take anywhere, beauty in pack New year, new you right? Feeling sluggish, want your skin to glow or in need of some pampering? What better way to get your body functioning properly and glowing from the inside out than with

One thing I look forward to every Christmas, is the different makeup gift packs hitting all of my favourite beauty counters. What better way to try different products at a reasonable price? Makeup gift packs also make great Christmas presents. They


Eyebrows have made a comeback! Last year it was all about eyelashes, this year the focus is on full, defined eyebrows. To get this look, eyebrow gel is the go to product of the season. I tested Napoleon Browtox Pack

Philosophy skin care range As I get older, I’ve started to notice the lines on my face are changing. The fine lines are multiplying and deepening and there are areas of unevenness and redness. Eeek! Put it down to ageing or stress

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