I have always been inspired by motivational quotes, phrases and books. I have what some may consider an alarming collection of reflection/quote books filled with said quotes and phrases. These type of books are one of the first things I am drawn to when I enter a gift shop and usually the thing I leave with (hence the quantity of the collection). I truly believe words and thoughts are one of the most powerful and positive things we possess. Positive words have a way of instantly lifting us and making us look at situations in a different light. Think how you felt when a someone commented on how they liked your work or outfit. Unfortunately, the same can be said about negative words, how many times do you play over what someone said and wonder what their intention was? I also love to read magazines and books about talented, creative and inspiring people. Entrepreneurial stories, about people who have a passion and are fuelled by it to succeed, usually because their ‘gut’ told them to believe in it. As I plan to be happy and filled with joy this year, I thought I would share some of the inspirational quotes, books and magazines I’m surrounding myself with at the moment.


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