Reads / www.heidiandcoco.comIt has been a while since my last bookshelf post and this one is a beauty, literally! I was perusing the aisle of my favourite bookstore when I saw Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring right there, in front of me. On. The. Shelf. Being a fan of Holly Becker, I was aware that this book had been released internationally but for some reason thought we were still waiting for it to hit our shores. I scooped it up so fast, nearly toppling into the person next to me. Delighted and on my way to the register, I stumbled upon Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell and Cakes in Bloom by Peggy Porschen. All three books about decorating with flowers. Whether it be real blooms, tissue paper or icing.

How delightful and visually pleasing are these books? Beautifully illustrated and edited, filled to the brim of creativity, talent and prettiness. I now want to fill vases with flowers and make paper floral garlands and bake a cake, just so I can decorate it! A perfect response to a ‘how to’ book wouldn’t you say?

On top of this, they all seem to compliment each other and fit cohesively together. Naturally, I just had to have them all! And that’s the thing about flowers, they have this effect on you, they bring you joy, warmth and appreciation. They enhance and beautify any space. They can convey simply a complex emotion of love, support or ritual. By just receiving them you know you are thought of. I think we should all decorate more with flowers, if not for their beauty but the joy they bring.

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