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Reads / www.heidiandcoco.comI love flicking through a book or magazine on interiors and noting all the things that I love, with a bit of an ‘oohh’ and ‘aahh’. Loving the way a room is put together – the mix of colours, textures and objects to create an inviting space. I believe that when it comes to styling one’s home, it should be an extension of the people who live in it, that it is important to surround yourself with the things that you love. I love to display pictures, prints, books and other trinkets, things that hold memories that I can enjoy everyday. For me, your home should always be your retreat, a place you enjoy and are comfortable in. If you are unsure of your style, I recommend starting a mood book. Over a couple of months, cut out all the things you like from magazines and group them by room ie. living room, kitchen, study etc, you will soon see trends emerging like colour palettes, style of furniture, objects you like. This bookshelf is inspired by 3 talented women who know their style and have a passion for applying it to the home.

ONE | The Crafty Minx at Home

Kelly Doust is one clever crafty lady. The Crafty Minx at Home is Kelly Doust fifth book and is a guide to creating a home with handmade and upcycled finds. Kelly shares her passion for making and collecting special items (often vintage) for decorating and use within your home to make it truly unique. This book features 50+ projects that cover all areas of your home and loads of helpful tips and practical advice. I already know which project I want to try first, the Off-key wind chime mobile on page 279!

TWO | Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces

I have been a huge fan of Rachel Ashwell for a long time. Synonymous for making Shabby Chic beautiful, warm, practical and desirable. Rachel has built an empire on doing what she loves and staying true to her style. ‘Shabby Chic inspirations and beautiful spaces’ takes you through some amazing homes and locations (including Rachel’s own London apartment) all embodying Rachel’s ethos and charm. Rachel has an inviting way of mixing beautiful objects from the past with a touch of bling to make every space comfortable, touchable, chic and so homely.

THREE | Ectetera

I’ve had my eye on this book, Ectetera by Sibella Court for sometime. In this beautifully photographed interiors book, Sibella shares her interior stylist tips on how to display and incorporate the things you love into your home. Each page is filled with thought provoking detail and you do feel like every item has its own story. Sibella’s style of combining antiques, junk shop finds, textiles, collectables and contemporary elements is visually breathtaking. This book is warm and inviting and a must have for lovers of things.

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