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Reads / www.heidiandcoco.comColour has the power to move, transform and inspire. It influences how we feel, what we wear and what we surround ourselves with. This month’s bookshelf is inspired by colour. First, here are a few of my memories and influences of colour;

  • sunsets
  • 72 Derwent pencils (a gift that made the 12 year old me truly giddy)
  • a field of daisies
  • art
  • satin teal heels with a bow
  • paint
  • paper
  • frosting
  • balloons
  • crystals + stones
  • cocktails (something that makes me giddy in my latter years)
  • a bridesmaid dress
  • fabric, fabric, fabric
  • ribbons + twine
  • washi tape (a newbie)
ONE | Paris in Color

Photographer and blogger Nichole Robertson shares her captivating photos in Paris in Colour. This book depicts the Parisian streets in their raw day-to-day beauty. Nichole focuses on the small details, whilst infusing each shot with exciting pops of colour. Each section is dedicated to a colour, that is beautifully laid out and makes you feel like you are walking the Parisian street, seeing each shot firsthand. Evoking what one already knows – that Paris is truly a magnificent city!

TWO | Colour a Journey

Colour a Journey by Victoria Alexander reminds you of an old friend (a book you have turned to time and time again). This book explores the history, cultural and emotive meaning of colour. It reminds us that colour is linked to how we interpret and see the world, as well as the power colour has to transform how one feels. Each chapter is dedicated to an individual colour, it’s meaning and influences. All the photography and words are by Victoria, which I think is quite impressive as the detail on each page is beautiful and exquisite. I find this book very thought provoking and just like an old friend, quite charming.

THREE | Color Inspirations

Color Inspirations by Darius A. Monsef IV shares over 3,000 colour palettes from the popular Colour Lovers Community. This book is a must for all colour enthusiasts and designers. Easy to use and organised in colour family, this book shows you how to find new colour combinations and the best colour palettes for any project. This book also comes with accurate CMYK, RGB and HEX values and a CD to import any colour palette into your own design software.

What are your favourite memories around colour? Share in the comments below >>

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