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I don’t think I could let Mother’s Day pass without reflecting on being a mum, my mum and mums in general. The step into motherhood is nothing less than amazing and life changing. Instantly you are wholeheartedly besotted and in awe of another human being. A love that is barely describable – so fulfilling, all consuming and fiercely protective.

As you grow into the role, you face all the first’s that your own mother did – your child being helplessly sick, hurting itself, not sleeping, not eating…heartaching and frustrating you wonder will you ever find some balance. Then you get to experience and celebrate their first smile, coo, word, crawl, step… You listen to them sing, count and watch them play, colour, write their name and you are sure that these milestones, their sheer brilliance is unique to your child. In these moments, you are chuffed, proud and confident you are doing everything right.

Somewhere in between it all, you gain a new found respect for your own mother and childhood. Sorry for all the eye-rolling and the I know better attitude (which was present even during the first pregnancy, up until delivery) to what seemed like obvious and trivial stuff but were things your mum needed to know, to make sure you were okay and safe. You hear yourself asking the same questions, often repeating yourself to get an answer just like your own mother did before you.

I have always been close to my mum, she is my best friend and confidant. It’s a relationship that came easy to us and one that I treasure. She is a great help to me, always supportive and encouraging. Being a mother to boys, I hope my relationship to my boys is just as special and strong even if it is different.

Being a mum means balancing many roles and doing your best to try to fulfil all of them. I think Mother’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation to your mum. It is a day to acknowledge your mum and to say thank you. So, thankyou mum – we love you very much and know how lucky we are. At the end of every day, I am my happiest when I see my kids faces, get to hold them tight and share in their day. To me this is being mum and that is everything.

Credit images: Little Ones by Melt Photography (Melbourne)

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