The backpack

backpack cover

This season’s IT bag is the trusty backpack

The trusty back pack has had a makeover! Seen on the arm of celebrities and fashionistas a like, it is the must have accessory this season. Stylish and functional, it is the perfect carry all bag. Perfect for work, study or running errands with the kids. For effortless style and ultimate luxe, choose leather with minimal details. 




Image source: Pinterest

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  • Oh I can handle a backpack for the season! Loving the 2nd or 4th ones down.

    • Thanks Karin for stopping by, the second one is my fav too! Chantal x

  • Larissa

    Oh yay! I love a good back pack! So much easier to carry! I like the style of these ones. A bit classier than the back packs of the 90’s! Great post!

    • Thanks Larissa, I totally agree. I’m loving the cleaner lines of the designs. Chantal x

  • Nancy Ann Olson

    Time to get the black backpack! The are super cute!

  • Lyn

    OMG. I must be on trend! I’ve been using one since I had my baby girl. I wasnt going to rock a baby bag. (i find it soooo awkward)

    • Great idea Lyn! I too opted for a carryall bag over a baby bag! I’ve also found that its been so much easier having my hands free for the kids! Chantal x

  • Sam

    I love my backpack so much more functional then a handbag and easier to keep your hands and arms free to carry shopping 🙂

    • I agree Sam, I’m loving the flexibility of my backpack. Thanks for stopping by. Chantal x