5 tips to choosing the perfect bathers

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5 tips to choosing the perfect bathers

Bathers shopping can be torturous at the best of times. With the weather warming up and Summer just two weeks away it’s time to hit the stores and choose this season’s swimsuit. To keep you on track and still loving yourself at the end of it, check out our 5 tips for picking the perfect bathers.

ONE | Time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to go to different shops and try on the pieces you like. There is nothing worse than shopping for bathers and being rushed. Remember, you basically will be getting dressed and undressed over and over again. The thought in itself can be exhausting (is it coffee time?). So give yourself a whole morning or afternoon to shop, preferably without distractions (aka kids + hubby, this is not an outing that will end well with impatient or bored beings).

TWO | Know your body

This one is all about being honest with yourself. Know your body, the bits you love and the bits you would, well, like to work on (we all have them!). This will make the whole process less daunting and overwhelming. Knowing your body allows you to easily scan racks and pick the correct styles and sizes to try on.  

THREE | Style

Now that you know your body, you will have a feel for what you do and don’t want to cover up. This is important when choosing the correct style – one-piece, bikini, tankini etc. Try on lots of different options in the styles you like. Bathers can sometimes look ordinary on the rack, so don’t pre-judge everything before trying it on. That extra detail or ruching has a purpose and is there to assist in flattering the body as much as it is a design aesthetic.  

FOUR | Fit

Buy only what fits you and is comfortable when you try it on. No matter the size or number that appears on the tag. Period. As much as some of us would like, I promise you, you are not going to wake up the day after buying bathers and be a different size or shape. Let’s face it, bathers are pretty revealing on any given day, don’t you want to be wearing ones that fit? If you have difficulty finding something that fits you evenly, separates can be a great solution, allowing you to choose different sizes and style for your top and bottom half.

FIVE | Confidence

Now that you have chosen the right bathers be confident in your choice. Trust yourself and get out on that beach or by that pool and enjoy summer!

Do you have any other tips for choosing the perfect bathers? Share in the comments below.

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