14 Days to Wellness – day two

14 Days to Wellness - Day 2 / www.heidiandcoco.comDrink more water, throughout the whole day

Your body is composed of about 60% water. Water helps your body maintain multiple functions such as digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients and the maintenance of body temperature. Water also helps keep skin looking radiant and fresh. Water is the cheapest and easiest way to keep your body and mind alert and hydrated. Opt to drink water throughout the whole day by carrying a bottle with you always. Aim to drink anywhere between 2 – 4 litres of water a day (dependent on your weight and activity level).    

TRY >> Breaking your day into the following four periods and drinking a 750ml bottle of water each period.

  • When you wake to Morning tea
  • Morning tea to Lunch
  • Lunch to Dinner
  • Dinner to bedtime

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