10 tips for flower styling


Inspired by my recent bookstore finds (see the post here), I thought I would share 10 of my own tips for styling flowers.

ONE //

When selecting flowers, chose buds that are not completely bloomed (open). As long as the buds are partially open, buds will continue to bloom at home. 

TWO //

Select flowers that are in season, they will be more affordable and plentiful to choose from. 


Use sharp cutting tools when preparing flowers, so as you do not damage the stems. This will also give you clean lines to work with. 


Cut stems on a diagonal. This allows the flower to keep hydrated and visually looks nicer at the bottom of a vase. Stems that are soft i.e. tulips, daffodils, irises I tend to cut them short to give them a longer vase life.  Harder stems i.e.roses, lilies I like to keep longer.


Remove at least 2/3 of leaves attached to one stem. Too much foliage will make your water murky quickly. It also can make the arrangement look too heavy and busy. 

SIX //

Have a selection of vases and vessels on hand. Glass, ceramic, short, tall, wide etc. Think outside the box when choosing a vase – anything that can hold water can also double as a vase. I like using glass bottles, mason jars, teapots, creamers, sugar pots, crystal glassware etc. These items often come in beautiful intricate patterns and add that extra something to an arrangement.


Fill only 1/3 of vases with water. Enough to cover the stems but not to completely submerge them. Change the water every two days to stop water going murky. The fresh cooler water will help prolong the flowers’ life. 


Use ‘extenders’ (the little sachet that often come with flowers) to extend the flowers’ life. I would recommend only using 1/3 packet as you are only using 1/3 water. Alternatively a few drops of white king/bleach diluted in water also is a great was to extend the vase life of flowers. If you use too much your water will look cloudy and you can damage your flowers (after all they are still using the water to bloom). 

NINE // 

Place your flowers into your vase one at a time. Build up your arrangement and move things around if they do not look right. You can always pull a flower out and cut it down a little bit to make it fit better. Alternatively, build the arrangement in your hand and tie it together with some twine before placing it in your vase. 

TEN //

When styling with flowers don’t over decorate, let the flowers be a focal point. You can still have a lot of things happening ie.on a dining table but give flowers some space and room to breathe and let them tell the story you want them to convey.

Happy styling!

flower-styling flower-styling2 flower-styling3 flower-styling4

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